Let us run into the Light

Let Us Run

There’s so much happening ‘out there’ right now, that is frightening, hateful, heart-rending, and dark. I thought I’d do a post to point you in another direction. It’s not that we turn our backs on the reality of these situations, but rather that we don’t get so weighed down by them that we lose all hope. It’s a fine balance. I did this painting years ago – maybe ten? – and it was so popular I ended up doing it again and again. It is actually more pertinent today than it even was then. It takes a conscious choice to know that you have done as much as you can for now, and it’s time to turn to life, light, and remember there is still Love in the world. There is.

We’re in the heart of winter now – and last night the winds raged, the rain hurled itself against the window, and I rolled myself under the covers and felt the security of that little cocoon of warmth and safety. In the shorter hours of light that we have, it seems the days rush by – going in on the bus in the dark, and returning in the dark, hoping the umbrella holds out. Auckland

I get through an enormous amount of reading or watching movies, and love the whole experience of ‘holing up’, but I am, of course, looking forward to the long balmy days of summer, whenever they come.

On another, but relevant, note – since Outlander Season Two ended last week, and Game of Thrones the week before, there’s a sense of lull. We in the Outlander fan group are filling it with plenty of action on social media, and I’ve found myself engaged, for a while, in the long battle of winning votes for Sam as TV Sci-Fi champion. It got nasty this week – yes, there were ructions about fairness and cheating, and there’s some very disgruntled tweets and posts this morning after Sam didn’t win. It may all be true – the mean stuff – but I had to ease myself into another space, and pull back, and see that in fact, there is a bigger picture. There’s enough real stuff going on that has my sympathy and empathy, without my adding grief over a voting war to tarnish it even further. I’m sure Sam Heughan knows he has a strong fan base and that we support his work. . . without necessarily winning every magazine poll to prove it. (Please don’t shoot me). I want to remind those Outlander fans feeling let down over this, that we don’t have to be dragged into the mud over it all.

Anyway, nuff said. I’ve got a couple of days off to get things done, and a friend up from Christchurch to catch up with for lunch, and on Wednesday I go back into the city for three days of work. It’s not all bad.

In fact, it’s quite good really. (Posted with love.)