Six months in on the Fast 800

January through to July.

If you were wondering how the Fast800 was working for me, here it is. Over 16kgs lost since February, and so I’m halfway there to my goal. It is slow, but sure, and an easy lifestyle change. But you need to be in the right headspace, and put some will into it.

My key is: don’t overdo it. Keep your default mode to be the Mediterranean diet and intermittent fasting, and don’t worry if you have a birthday to celebrate or a night out. What works for me, may not be what someone else likes, but I’ve adjusted the plan to suit. I don’t have breakfast, I sip peppermint tea instead, and have more black coffees than I’ve ever had. At lunchtime I go for the paleo muesli, or the lighter lunch offered in many recipes in Michael Mosley’s book, and at dinner have grown accustomed to no spuds, rice, pasta, but plenty of veggies and some protein. It’s actually not hard to enjoy and I don’t have the cravings any longer.
I make my own ‘fooze balls’ out of date pulp and cocoa, rolled in coconut, if I want a sweet nibble.

And as I’ve been losing weight, exercise is getting easier to do, especially walking. And it really works best if you exercise on an empty stomach, because then you start using up the stored fat. Yeah?

Anyway, that’s my update, and if you wanted to lose weight yourself, I encourage you to have a go at the Fast 800 by Michael Mosley. When your doctor recommends it, you know it can’t be bad.

Onward and upward, or should I say Onward and downward.