A positive downhill slide

I thought I’d give you an update on the nutrition plan started early this year. You remember how well it all started, with a drop of 10kgs in the first month? Well, then we had lockdown, and Easter, and heaps of home baking to cope, and before you know it, I was in a steady plateau. Still, it was encouraging, when we came out of lockdown, to find that I had not put it all back on DESPITE these home made goodies consumed in that six weeks:

I’d do it all again! Actually, the thing to remember about my new food plan, is that I am resetting my lifelong habits and forming new ones, so it’s going to be a long slow process. I just enjoyed these buns, and chocolate, and cake, and then continued on my journey.

Since I was doing so well missing three breakfasts a week, and not noticing that too badly, we have upped it to NO breakfast at all, seven days a week. I have a black coffee with a dash of cream mid-morning, and before you know it, it is lunchtime already. THEN I have either the breakfast food I miss and love, or something savoury. And so far so good.

In fact, yesterday I decided to spend a few hours buying and cooking some winter salads and vegetable items, to keep in containers in the fridge. Then when the next few meal times come, I can take a snippet from each one, add protein, and voila! It was a great success and I really enjoyed the meal last night.

Here are the containers waiting for me in the fridge. Mmmmm.

Beetroot and Orange/ roast parsnip/ roast eggplant and cauliflower / brussels sprouts / carrot and feta.

And this morning, my weight showed it was steadily going down again, in tiny increments. Perfect. As proof, I tried on a green puffer jacket worn around Scotland in 2015, but too tight to do up in recent years. Happy sigh.

Winter has truly set in, here in New Zealand, so this puffer jacket will get some wear. We are fortunate in Auckland, though, that we can still walk or cycle all year, so I will be keeping up my exercise as well. I wish you all health and good heart!