Day 15 – the downward slope

You know that feeling when you are hiking up a steep incline and suddenly you sense the ground levelling and maybe around the corner you’ll see the peak? That’s where we are in New Zealand right now. The lowest number of cases of COVID-19 since lockdown 2 weeks ago. Yay!!!!

Today is blustery and wet so I’ve only managed one short walk but after this post I’m getting the bike out. It’s going to take the battery bike to beat this wind! My walk took me past another much smaller ‘I Spy’ tree. Covered in wee ornaments with a handmade sign. So cute.

Yesterday I managed another portion of the Peninsula on the bike but I’ll save the map for the next post. Managing some pretty good lockdown meals though – check these out:

And that’s just lunch!

Con has been disturbing the peace again! I caught him scoffing through plastic AND hot cross buns today. What a pig!

Fortunately they weren’t MY buns, just my flatmates so wasn’t too worried.

I’ve done my work for the University and now watched the rain come again. Maybe I will just press play on the remote!

Happy Easter All!

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