Day 13 – getting hot and cross

So I thought it was Day 12, but when I do the calculations, I’ve lost a day in here somewhere and it is actually Day 13. Forgive me. One thing we are very grateful for, here in the Peninsula, is the long view we have over the harbour, so accessible to all on their walks. This mornings:

Last night I did the third of my rambles around the Peninsula, filling in the green bit on this map.

I took Rona in hand today and decided to teach her to bake. It was time to try out some ‘Pull-apart Hot Cross Buns’ in time for Easter.
As you can see, she was remarkably willing.

The recipe looked easy and quick – a miracle for anything involving yeast – and before you ask, you can find it here

The turned out out really well – just like the picture.


I’m going to freeze some and pick them off day by day.
I enjoyed the early morning walk this morning, seeing the number of trees with leaves changing colour. Later in the morning I did an hour’s work for AUT University, and finished at lunchtime.
And this evening after dinner, with the night come earlier than expected (Daylight saving last weekend) I joined my sister – keeping a good distance between us – on a night ride beneath the full moon. Really well worth getting out on the absolutely quiet streets. Some stunning views across the harbour to the full moon. See below:


With that last lovely picture still in my mind, I’m going to download my next audio book and start listening.  Thanks for keeping up with me.

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