Day 8 – another day at the office

It was an early start today, because I work from my home office, and I needed to get out on my bike and get a cycle in before that. Fortunately this means I am up before the sun and the pics are usually spectacular; this morning no exception.

I came home to upload a picture for #BikeToBreakfastAtHome – a Bike Auckland initiative which usually happens once a month in town, but now that we are in lockdown it is happening vicariously.
After brekky, I settled in to try and get all my monitors up and running and get through a bit of work before needing to have an online video meeting with the team.

Where were Con and Rona through all this? I’m glad to say I don’t know. Hunched at the kitchen table ignoring each other no doubt.

Dinner last night was a bolognaise with shredded courgette (zucchini) instead of pasta, and a pleasant change. Lunch today was paleo bread with sardines on top – Mmmmmm.

I’ve managed to complete my work tasks and headed out late afternoon to see what the line leading into the supermarket was like:
It’s been worse.

So, with more food than I need, certainly enough to keep me going for the next week or so, I am back and winding down.

May the force be with you.

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