Day 7 – dealing with annoying bubblemates

Rona has a heart to heart

I’m finding patience wearing thin but Rona – who has only stuffing to call upon – has been unable to countenance Con’s incessant vapid chatter. So, rather than waste soap washing his mouth out I opted to put him into intense isolation in the washing machine. I threatened I would turn it on if I heard from him. So far so good.

Apart from that it has been a pleasant 24 hours. A late night bike ride around the neighbourhood with lights on was refreshing, followed by a morning walk seeing fog shrouding the city.

Auckland over inner harbour.

Sis came around and sat in a chair in the front yard for a short while.

I’ve even managed a few pages of my children’s story.

Stay well, stay sane, laugh if you can.


  1. jbeetem03b667e53a · April 1, 2020

    Jenny, enjoying your creativity while in confinement!

    Liked by 1 person

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