Day 5 – Bears, sharks and homemade food

You can tell by the title of this piece, that nothing is normal these days. Anything goes. It’s mid-afternoon on a Monday, and by this time a plethora of noise would be surging out of the local schools as the thundering and shouts of children released from classes comes towards me. But not today. It’s still amazingly quiet out there.
Last night after eating this . . . slow cooked casserole . . .(for want of a better word):
I headed out on my bike, joining my sister on hers, for a cycle around the neighbourhood, being careful to maintain a distance between us.
VERY worth it. Followed this morning by my walk around a shorter area of the neighbourhood, crossing empty roads usually clogged with traffic.
I was heartened to see all the bears in windows as I walked, and this particular frontage exceeded all expectations.
Upon arrival home and after the usual coffee on the front porch, I found Rona asleep on my bed . . .

So I crept quietly away and collected feijoas from under the tree instead. These I cut up with apples and stewed. We’re going to have a bumper crop this year.
Lunchtime came soon enough, so I settled to making a paleo lunch out of my grain-free bread and with eggs, bacon, tomato and leeks. Mmmmm.
I had to move Rona off my computer this afternoon to do some work (!!!) and am pleased that the addition of a face mask on Con has made the atmosphere around here so much more pleasant.

Amidst doing some work, I found an engaging app on the iphone, downloaded Google Chrome, and tried inserting an animal name in there: lion, shark, goat. . . further under the descriptions is a ‘See in 3-D’ option, which allows you to place the life-sized animal into your own space. You can imagine I lost a good half an hour just testing that out.


Time to go and make a cup of tea (again) and work on my story.
By the way, I am NOT going to be one of those diligent types who have set up a calendar with the words ‘Tidy up and clean xxxx area’ in each one. {Shudder}. Just saying.

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