Day 4 – toothbrushes and tips


It was a beautiful Autumnal day this morning, and after a spell on the front porch I headed down for a walk past the supermarket. Most times I’ve cycled or walked by there, the spaced out (2 metres apart) queue is so long I can’t bring myself to join it. However, contrariwise, this morning without particularly planning to go, I was so delighted to find only five people in the line, that I joined it and then had to spend the 20 minute wait thinking of what I didn’t already have stored away at home. Fortunately my friend Jan was waiting in the line behind me.

Shopping done (it’s amazing what you can find that you suddenly NEED), I walked home. That was when I found Con ahead of me in the bathroom using my toothbrush.


SO annoying.

In my absence, Con and Rona appear to be in a bit of a snit with each other. It’s not like they talk a lot anyway, but THIS is what I came back to.

Con’s not talking to me either, since I removed toothbrush privileges. Fine with me.

We’ve had a wee meeting this morning, via Zoom, which worked well. It saves making cups of tea if you are all virtual, but it’s hard to sing the same notes together.


Onward and upward. Hope you’re all doing well. For some reason I have a terrible urge to make cake, but there’s only a limited number around to eat it. We’ll see.

Oh, before I go, there’s one tip I invented for if you can’t bear being in the house ONE MORE MOMENT. Go for a virtual drive. Choose a destination, open up Youtube, find the journey, prop the ipad up on the dashboard and sit behind the steering wheel and pretend-drive there. It works.

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