Day 3 of Lockdown – the cracks are showing

Banana feijoa paleo muffins

Today – Saturday – was amazingly quiet upon waking. No cars, just the sound of a tui singing. I headed out to make my paleo feijoa muffins for breakfast using coconut flour and the last of my eggs. (Queuing at supermarket later). The thing about coconut flour is how quickly it browns – so while I video-chatted with my sister I kept a gimlet eye on the oven. They’re not bad!

Con helps himself to the muffins

So I’m sitting outside on the porch eating muffins, and sipping coffee. Still quiet.

I have seen numerous teddies in front windows but since I don’t have any have had to make do with a rat, bunny and wombat. I hope the kids don’t mind.

Ratty, bunny and wombat

Came back inside and found Con hoe-ing into the muffins!

Yesterday was a busy – almost normal – day, working from home. The new meeting style is by video call and that has advantages (sweatpants) and disadvantages (“could the rest of you mute so I can hear what she’s saying?!”).


Three monitors!

I came out of the office to use the toilet and found Rona there before me! So annoying having Lockdown buddies taking advantage!

Excuse me!

And made some zucchini fritters for lunch but had to share them. Nothing for lunch today.

Hope you’re all isolated and alone and taking life seriously (not something we would normally wish each other). I’m off for a bike ride soon.


  1. johncowannz · March 28, 2020

    Making muffins during a diet is fine! Make as many as you like. Just don’t eat them.

    Liked by 1 person

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