Day Two of Lockdown


The video upload is taking too long. So instead I’m sending you a still of me sitting at the desk frustratedly wishing it would hurry up and upload, and realising it is probably because so many other users are on the internet right now in my vacinity. I’m also guiltily looking like I’ve been distracted once again from my purpose.
Today I went out and delivered flyers to a couple of streets in the area, from a facebook page we have joined to help those who may be elderly or vulnerable in the next few months. It’s amazing how many people want to be useful during a time like this.

THEN I came home to a good coffee (got to have that sorted) and hung out my washing. By that time it was lunchtime and I made myself this delicious prawn salad:

img_4369and scoffed it down in front of Lightbox watching a show.

I forced myself back to my desk and began further edits and additions to the children’s story I started years ago, but have a good chance to finish right now. How perfect to use the self-isolation to complete some writing tasks.
THEN I felt the call of the Outlander show which I did not see last night. The latest episode went up and I’ve waited until today to view it.
SO – onward and upward. I’m back in front of my story and will do another hour, and by that time it will be dinner again. The food plan is going well, albeit annoyingly slowly in terms of weight loss now. After an excellent start, I have found the last month that I have barely lost anything despite eating well. Still, it’s a lifetime change, I tell myself, so I’ll crack on with it.

I have a feeling that WordPress is going to find videos too weighty in size to bear putting one up daily, so it might have to be just the blog for now. Sorry.

Onward and upward. Stay strong, stay calm.


  1. johncowannz · March 24, 2020

    Nice pic. Nice blog.
    I think many people will come to appreciate the subtle pleasures of hermit/anchorite living.

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  2. Pam Saville · March 24, 2020

    I am used to being alone for most of the time here in the country with no neighbours so to speak. I walk the dogs 5k a day but somehow I feel this is different. I m going to learn to felt ( bought a book LOL) I have new puppies to take my mind off it. And I thing I will right a small book called raising Baby following my babies from birth to being given to new parents. Good luck with the book and the food changes it’s more about mind set than diet and stay safe my friend we will get through this 🙂

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    • jennyjeffries · March 24, 2020

      Oh I wish I had puppies to care for! Sounds like you’ll be fine! Take care


  3. Pam Saville · March 24, 2020

    OMG I need to brush up on my punctuation and watching what I write LOL

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