Another small milestone

Well, it has only been six months, but finally I set off on some walking exercise this morning! I know, I’ve been riding my bike since mid-December, but because it puts no weight on my ankle it has been gentler exercise than walking, which I’ve only done to get from point A to point B. It felt good to answer to the call of the morning sun over the harbour:

I went to the physio on Monday and have been carefully doing the ankle exercises to free up some movement in that area. Almost back to normal:

And although I’ve lost weight since my nutrition plan started in January, things are slowing down, so I thought I’d better pick up the exercise. It felt good! Onward and upward as they say.

Tomorrow I’ll be cycling to work in the city again, feeling the briskness of the air and probably in darkness when I set off. I’d better check my lights before I go. Our University is still open, although we are checking to see if we can work from home. No decision to do so at this stage. (Sorry, I’m not going to mention the c-word in this post).
I had to break with my usual eating plan over the weekend at the Roman party but I’m back to the protein, vegie, low-carb meals again.

And, just to add a frisson of excitement to this post, we have a bit of a RAT problem in the peninsula right now. The abundance of fruiting in the native trees and the warm weather, has caused an explosion in the population down by the wetlands. This was felt very personally when I was watching television a few days ago and a dark shape ran behind the monitor. I was standing on the sofa in a flash! We have traps out, there is poison in the ceiling, and there have been no further sightings. BUT (sigh) I heard scrabbling in the ceiling again last night, so either it’s a new one, or the old one come back. They’re looking for a warm winter home right now. Life on the edge, eh?

[I apologise to any who have rodent phobias, who have unwittingly read this post and even now feel shivers down their spine.]

Back on more pleasant matters, enjoy these two shots taken from the walkway this morning. I’m thrilled to be starting to be ‘back to normal’ or even better than normal after a long haul of recuperation. Take it easy everyone, and stay calm.


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