Keeping one’s head above the water


Who knew it was going to be such a big year? And it’s a hard thing to keep a level head about because of the deluge of information that is sweeping towards us through social media, news, gossip and government broadcasts. Some of it essential, some informative, and some downright scare-mongering.

It is a time to be grateful for friends, family and community. Until it becomes essential to self-isolate I will amend my future travel plans, stay vigilant about my health, and follow the simple guidelines about washing hands and refraining from handshakes etc. However, if ever there was a time to stay in touch (not necessarily literally) with those you know and love, it is right now. Encouraging one another, relieving stress and anxiety, and reminding those who are likely to feel anxious that much is being done, and dwelling on the worst scenarios is not helpful.

Personally, I watch the latest from the Prime Minister and her updates. I ensure that I have a reasonable amount of FOOD, WATER, essential items to last a couple of weeks. I am embarrassed by people who have tipped over into panic buying and have made it difficult for the elderly and infirm to get their regular shopping. So far although we’ve had some panic-buyers here in New Zealand, we have not yet been bereft of all toilet paper (Seriously?!). In the end, what is going to matter is how you treat your neighbours and work mates. Do you care enough about THEM to stay at home if you feel a little unwell? Do you decide to put off that trip until the crisis is over? Do you keep an eye out for those who can’t get the things they need? Will you be prepared to share your supplies if need be? And when all is said and done, stop watching the posts on Social Media and continue to live your life. Turn your device off and go for a bike ride or a walk. Read a book. Take each day at a time.

It IS likely to get worse here in New Zealand, and we are taking measures to make the impact as manageable as possible. In the meantime, last weekend, my friends and I enjoyed a wonderful evening together celebrating a birthday, and just having fun. I went to a meeting on Sunday morning, and the first ballet (Snow White) I’ve attended in years in the afternoon. I don’t know how long we will continue to be able to attend group gatherings, but until we can’t I’m boots-and-all in. SO, if that was my last weekend of busy social agenda, then it was a good one.

Today I went to the physio for the first time, to get some movement back into the injured ankle. I cycled there, and I expect to be cycling on Thursday and Friday in to the city and my workplace. My nutrition regime is still steadily on target: third meeting was last Saturday, and I’m down 11.8kgs since I started. (It’s been a bit level the last week or so for various reasons, but I’m not worried.)

Enjoy these photos of the events of last weekend. And stay safe, informed, and – take a deep breath – CALM. I am heartened by hearing some really positive stories from those who are confined in isolation. One woman wrote about how much she discovered of her community, also kept in the same building, and how they have come to know each other and care for each other in ways that they wouldn’t have under normal circumstances. It’s often at time like this that we discover what true grace, generosity and kindness is. Hopefully for most of us, we are hardly likely to experience the more dramatic ends of this virus experience. But should we have to, we’ll see what stuff we are made of.



  1. johncowannz · March 16, 2020

    I rinsed your blog in bleach before I read it, but it was worth the effort. Thanks Jenny — inspiring!

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    • jennyjeffries · March 16, 2020

      You are a huge part of the positive heart-warming part of having friends! I’m happier already.


  2. Sheryl Allen · March 16, 2020

    Your calm perspective is appreciated!

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