The endless summer

We had a little rain last Saturday, and celebrated it. Although we’re in a bit of a drought here in Auckland, it’s nothing to be compared with other parts of the country (the far north has been months without rain), or indeed, the extreme weather in other parts of the world (flooding in Aussie and UK, bush fires in Aussie). Our patches of brown grass show some glimmers of green now.

To me, it feels like I’ve been in summer for over six months. I left in August last year for the northern hemisphere and stayed two months basking in the sunshine of UK, USA and Canada. . . even sweltering on record highs in places like Stratford-Upon-Avon. Then I came home and was housebound because of ankle injury, so hardly noticed the cooler weather. Our summer has been long and dry, not too hot fortunately, and still goes on.


February is ‘bike to work’ month, with prizes to be won for clocking up the kilometres on two wheels. I only work two days a week at the Uni, so my totals don’t look so good, but still, I haven’t taken the bus this year. Morning after morning of delicious sunrises, with the sun getting closer and closer to the horizon. On Friday, it didn’t breach the horizon line at all. Ah, winter is coming.

This coming Friday, I get the screw taken out of my ankle – the one holding the two long bones together in this:


I’m hoping that frees me up to get some physio and increase my exercise which is sorely needed. Right now, I’m still in some pain in the lower back if I do much walking, although I hesitantly add, the last few days I’ve been feeling almost ‘springy’. Could it be the NEARLY TEN KILOS I’ve dropped since I started losing weight early in January. Yep, I’m down 9.6kgs (21 lbs). My pants feel as if they might drop off me if I bounce too much – a great feeling but not such a good sight for any unwitting passersby.

Still relentlessly pursuing a much healthier eating regime and have not felt deprived or like I couldn’t keep this up forever. Every now and then I’ve had an ice-cream, or some birthday cake, chocolate, or pop corn. But that’s the key – not every day. I go to a cafe and choose this sort of deliciousness rather than a doughnut.



Time to move on and get some chores done. I’m loving the beginning of ‘Outlander’ season, and tonight will be clustered with my sister watching episode 2. A few functions coming up which all involve barbecues, the main eating method for all New Zealanders in the summertime. Our Roman Feast in March will centre around the grill and some tasty platters everyone will bring, and this weekend, I’ll be at my nephews for a family get together.

Long may the summer continue, and the cicadas sing. I’ll finish with the headdress I made for the coming toga party.




  1. nancy · February 24, 2020

    You look so good..sing cicadas, sing!

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  2. johncowannz · February 24, 2020

    That X-ray looks like an Ikea self-assembly diagram. I’m glad that they didn’t just send you home from the hospital with a bag of bolts bolts and a screw driver. See if you can get them to remove that big “R” from your foot when you are in this Friday — it looks very unsightly in the X-Ray. Congratulations to what’s left of you after loosing so much weight! I’ll see you at the Roman party (I’ll be in the mini-toga).

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    • jennyjeffries · February 24, 2020

      Oh, there are so many comments I’d like to make about your post, but the first one to come to mind is: Hold fire on the toga – I have a queen-sized sheet I’m sending you. Yes, surely it’s just a matter of digging around with a screw driver and working counter-clockwise to get the screw out. I quite like the R.


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