Three Weeks into the New Regime

Today I revisited the dietician and we assessed how the food plan had been working. It was all very positive. Beyond the fact that I’ve been feeling very good and finding the inflammation supplements working to ease the sciatica pain I feel, I have also lost nearly 6 kgs! That’s a win/win by my books.

Here’s a glimpse of the range and type of vegetable-rich, carb-low meals I have prepared for myself in the last few weeks:

When I go to work there is always a lot of food around – usually of the type that I am trying hard to avoid. So far so good. Cubbyholes full of chocolate, staffroom tables always covered in snacks, meetings that come with morning tea included, a barrage of fast food places nearby. I’ve been able to avoid these because I can now truly claim to be on a health and fitness regime.

The three mornings a week that I fast, and don’t eat until lunchtime have worked out much easier to do than I would have believed. I give myself more time before getting out of bed, and it feels like a treat. Once I’m up and going, I get busy and distracted, and don’t notice the missing meal. A black coffee with a little cream makes a big difference when I get to work.

I’m not as active as I once was, pre-ankle operation. As mentioned earlier my sciatica is arthritis-based, and the weight I carry makes it rare that I get to the end of the day without feeling a clenched fist of pain there in my lower back. Swimming is great because I’m active without feeling the weight, and I’ve enjoyed a few summer swims around the corner at Pt Chev beach:

And cycling to work two days a week (29 kms round trip) and some extraneous fun cycles, work well too, because the weight is on the bike not my lower back. I love cycling to work in the early hours of the morning, completely apart from the building traffic on the motorway:

So I’m sticking with the plan. In a week’s time, Helen and I head off for our usual camping trip up North, and six swims a day at the lakes. It will be harder to find fresh food but my dietician has sent me a link to some great dried pouches of food which are still high in nutrition content and not just flavoured rice or pasta.

Apart from the personal improvement plan, I’m working on building positive relationships with new workmates at work, and enjoying a change of environment in the University, where I now have a desk in three places.

Stay positive, avoid negativity, do what you can to help, keep a balance between spirit, soul and body – in that order. Simple maxims. Until next time. . .  thanks for reading.


  1. Carolyn · February 1, 2020

    It sure sounds like you’re on the way. Way to go, Jenny! And the longer you stick with the plan, the more it becomes a way of life. ❤

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    • jennyjeffries · February 1, 2020

      I’m counting on it, Carolyn. Right now I’m working hard to sift out the old favourites and increase the new. Still got some serious cravings now and then.


  2. Pam Saville · February 1, 2020

    Well done Jenny keep up the good work, I’m counting on you to keep me honest 😉

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  3. retiredrn55 · February 1, 2020

    Hi Jenny!! I enjoy reading your posts! I am proud of your efforts and hope to learn a thing or two also! I hope someday to meet you. Your Texas friend

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    • jennyjeffries · February 1, 2020

      Hi friend in Texas! That would be great! Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. retiredrn55 · February 1, 2020

    Janet Anders

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  5. johncowannz · February 1, 2020

    It all sounds like great positive progress, Jenny

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  6. Jamie · May 5, 2020

    Wow that looks like really great healthy food. You must be feeling amazing especially adding the cycling to work and back. Your doing amazing. I wish I could cook like that.

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  7. Jamie · May 5, 2020

    You’ll be fine. It’s like falling of the bike. Just get back on and try again. Your trying and the best part.

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