Less is More, more or less.

Now that we’re well into 2020, it’s time I put up a new blog post. Y’all have already heard too much about my fractured ankle and its repair, and it is well on the way to being restored. Next month I get the long pin out and then go to a physio to help loosen it up.


In the meantime. . . I was given the hard word by an orthopaedic surgeon I saw after getting an MRI on my lower spine (to see why I had sciatica) in November. Basically he said it was arthritis, and that it was very common to have that issue in the lower back, and 30% of the population had a similar looking issue–not all suffering the sciatic pain. He told me that if I lost some weight it would make a big difference.

Now if, like me, you have tried many diets over the years, love food, and have a love/hate relationship with ‘the latest findings on weight loss’, then you’ll enjoy the rest of this blog. If not, feel free to stop here. It’s a very complicated issue combining 1. age, 2. genetics, 3. personality, 4. emotion and other factors like wealth and will power.

I have relaxed my guard as far as the type of food I eat is concerned for some months – especially since my overseas trip in August/September, and then my recovery from my operation. Then Christmas. I’m sure you get the picture. Quite honestly, I get tired of thinking about what I should or shouldn’t eat, and make every day a celebration involving some form of ‘treat’.

The ONLY way I could see myself losing weight now is if 1) I pay money for it to happen (to keep myself honest) and 2) I was accountable to someone else and 3) They could put together a personal list of food/supplements which could be altered depending upon outcome. Understanding what I ate and then making a habit of it.

In other words: I needed a Dietician/Nutritionist.

Now I am making myself even MORE accountable, because I’m bringing an unknown amount of you in to view my progress and watch whether my efforts yield results: I’m telling you all about it! I want to do this nutrition thing because I still have so much I would like to do – travel, cycling, walking, moving freely around without pain. The fact that I might fit clothes I prefer is a happy side effect.


(Pic above: beef and beetroot pattie in a hamburger made without buns – using cos leaves to hold it together. Delicious.)

A week and a half ago, I went and saw a slim young lass who was all fresh-faced and eager to help. She is doing her PhD in nutrition and–once I got over the hurdle of how young she was–I found her advice and suggestions absolutely do-able. I’ll be going back after three weeks to see how progress is, and tailor anything we need to.  It’s not so much that I don’t know a lot about what I should be eating–it’s hard to avoid in all the various forms of media these days. It’s the personal discussion about my own situation: fatty liver, high cholesterol, sciatica, that I was interested in hearing her thoughts on.

I have begun a programme of high vegetable, medium protein, and very low carbs. (No sugar). Since I love my vegies, and my meat or fish, I’m thrilled. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I skip breakfast altogether – and so far, I’m surprised at how easy that was to do. Breakfast is either Greek Yoghurt with some fruit and a little paleo muesli (no grain) sprinkled on top. Or paleo toast with peanut butter, or an egg. Lunch is a salad of any sort, with a good amount of protein. (No bread). Dinner is similar, with cooked vegies maybe, and meat/fish, very little potato if I do have it. Snacks are things like celery or carrot with pesto, or a matchbox amount of cheese. I end the evening with a glass of magnesium (lemon-flavoured) in soda water.  My coffee in the morning is a long black with a touch of milk (not the latte I have been used to.)


I have three supplements including the magnesium, which should help with their anti-inflammatory, sleep inducing, blood cleansing properties.

So far, 1.5 weeks in, I’m feeling pretty good about it all and enjoying the new meal plan. I was 10kg heavier than I thought I was, and I’m not putting that weight up on this blog, but I will tell you when I lose some.

I cycle to work – 30 kms on an ebike to and from work twice a week – and am building my other exercise. Need to do more stretching.

That is my 2020 so far, and I’m feeling very positive about it. I turn 65 in October, a milestone I’m surprised to be facing (I still feel like I haven’t decided what I’m going to be when I grow up). This feels like the best start to the year, and I hope the posts to follow show what a good move it was.

I hope yours is heading in an equally good direction. Thanks for reading.



  1. Andrea Candy · January 21, 2020

    Thanks Jenny – honest and positive as usual. “I still feel like I haven’t decided what I’m going to be when I grow up.” Haha!! Ditto.

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  2. Annie · January 21, 2020

    Great Jenny the nutritionist sounds well worth it and you can still eat lots of the things you like
    Can’t wait to read about the progress and see it too

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  3. Pam Saville · January 21, 2020

    Well done Jenny and Happy New Year to you. Like you I am about to hit a figure I never thought I’d get to 70, I too have major spinal issues and was a lot overweight with not being able to work. So I bit the bullet and join Deborah Murtagh and am doing the Ketogentic switch, mind switch which is basically eating what you are eating. I lost 10kg in 8 weeks before Xmas, my asthma is better and I can walk the poodles at least 5km a day. The other thing I did was talk the husband into buying me a fitbit for Xmas ( that was a drama, the moths escaped when he opened his wallet 🙂 )I am feeling better as I hope you are about the whole weight – eating thing — no I will not call it a diet as then I will scupper it, as Deborah says it’s a lifestyle change not a diet. — Now to get the old boy on it 😉 Have a great wek and good luck with the lifestyle change LOL

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    • jennyjeffries · January 21, 2020

      Wow, you’re literally steps ahead of me on this walk. Well done! Very encouraged to hear that Pam!


  4. Barbara Joy · January 21, 2020

    Well done Jenny – you are a star
    Love Barbara 🌟

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  5. Cathy Duncan · January 21, 2020

    An inspirational read friend! All the very best!!! 💕

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  6. Bonnie · January 22, 2020

    Hi Jenny, good luck with whatever you do. It is certainly a hard journey sometimes, this losing weight business, but worth it I think if it gives us a few extra healthy active years for travelling and spending time with family and friends.
    For my health, and to lose a wee bit of weight too, I’ve just started ‘the fast 800’ Michael Moseley’s new updated programme. I’ll try and do 800 calls and TRE (time restricted eating) every day for at least two weeks then see how I feel, maybe swap it for 800 calls on the 5/2 regime, eating Mediterranean style five days, or I may just carry on for another two weeks on 800 calls every day. I like the science behind this way of eating, but, we’ll see how it goes.
    Happy days and many kind regards,
    Bonnie 💐

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  7. johncowannz · January 22, 2020

    Raucous cheering from the sideline, Jenny. Like most people I have no shortage of theories about weight loss, and a waist line that shows that my genes and habits have no I interest in those theories.

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    • jennyjeffries · January 22, 2020

      My genes and habits would like to be on the sidelines watching too. I’ve got them by the scruff of the neck right now. . .


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