Less is More, more or less.

Now that we’re well into 2020, it’s time I put up a new blog post. Y’all have already heard too much about my fractured ankle and its repair, and it is well on the way to being restored. Next month I get the long pin out and then go to a physio to help loosen it up.


In the meantime. . . I was given the hard word by an orthopaedic surgeon I saw after getting an MRI on my lower spine (to see why I had sciatica) in November. Basically he said it was arthritis, and that it was very common to have that issue in the lower back, and 30% of the population had a similar looking issue–not all suffering the sciatic pain. He told me that if I lost some weight it would make a big difference.

Now if, like me, you have tried many diets over the years, love food, and have a love/hate relationship with ‘the latest findings on weight loss’, then you’ll enjoy the rest of this blog. If not, feel free to stop here. It’s a very complicated issue combining 1. age, 2. genetics, 3. personality, 4. emotion and other factors like wealth and will power.

I have relaxed my guard as far as the type of food I eat is concerned for some months – especially since my overseas trip in August/September, and then my recovery from my operation. Then Christmas. I’m sure you get the picture. Quite honestly, I get tired of thinking about what I should or shouldn’t eat, and make every day a celebration involving some form of ‘treat’.

The ONLY way I could see myself losing weight now is if 1) I pay money for it to happen (to keep myself honest) and 2) I was accountable to someone else and 3) They could put together a personal list of food/supplements which could be altered depending upon outcome. Understanding what I ate and then making a habit of it.

In other words: I needed a Dietician/Nutritionist.

Now I am making myself even MORE accountable, because I’m bringing an unknown amount of you in to view my progress and watch whether my efforts yield results: I’m telling you all about it! I want to do this nutrition thing because I still have so much I would like to do – travel, cycling, walking, moving freely around without pain. The fact that I might fit clothes I prefer is a happy side effect.


(Pic above: beef and beetroot pattie in a hamburger made without buns – using cos leaves to hold it together. Delicious.)

A week and a half ago, I went and saw a slim young lass who was all fresh-faced and eager to help. She is doing her PhD in nutrition and–once I got over the hurdle of how young she was–I found her advice and suggestions absolutely do-able. I’ll be going back after three weeks to see how progress is, and tailor anything we need to.  It’s not so much that I don’t know a lot about what I should be eating–it’s hard to avoid in all the various forms of media these days. It’s the personal discussion about my own situation: fatty liver, high cholesterol, sciatica, that I was interested in hearing her thoughts on.

I have begun a programme of high vegetable, medium protein, and very low carbs. (No sugar). Since I love my vegies, and my meat or fish, I’m thrilled. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I skip breakfast altogether – and so far, I’m surprised at how easy that was to do. Breakfast is either Greek Yoghurt with some fruit and a little paleo muesli (no grain) sprinkled on top. Or paleo toast with peanut butter, or an egg. Lunch is a salad of any sort, with a good amount of protein. (No bread). Dinner is similar, with cooked vegies maybe, and meat/fish, very little potato if I do have it. Snacks are things like celery or carrot with pesto, or a matchbox amount of cheese. I end the evening with a glass of magnesium (lemon-flavoured) in soda water.  My coffee in the morning is a long black with a touch of milk (not the latte I have been used to.)


I have three supplements including the magnesium, which should help with their anti-inflammatory, sleep inducing, blood cleansing properties.

So far, 1.5 weeks in, I’m feeling pretty good about it all and enjoying the new meal plan. I was 10kg heavier than I thought I was, and I’m not putting that weight up on this blog, but I will tell you when I lose some.

I cycle to work – 30 kms on an ebike to and from work twice a week – and am building my other exercise. Need to do more stretching.

That is my 2020 so far, and I’m feeling very positive about it. I turn 65 in October, a milestone I’m surprised to be facing (I still feel like I haven’t decided what I’m going to be when I grow up). This feels like the best start to the year, and I hope the posts to follow show what a good move it was.

I hope yours is heading in an equally good direction. Thanks for reading.