A reason to sing for joy


This is the moment the last few months of the year changed for me. This was Wednesday 18 September, 2019, when I stepped across the road from the timeshare apartment in Orlando I shared with friends, to the pool for a morning swim. As I went down those steps, my left foot slipped forward taking me with it, and my right foot – on a higher step – flipped back on itself. I didn’t know it at the time but I had a complex fracture and displacement of the ankle, but I hoped it was just sprained. The following week saw me in elastic bandage and on mobile scooters when I could find them, and finally on the flight home. And then this:

A plate and screws and a long period of recovery and immobility. The last photo I took today, showing my swollen foot but my well healed ankle. In another month or two I’ll get the long screw taken out, which will give me much more flexibility.

In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed the various milestones as they have occurred. I’m so thrilled to be mobile again, especially before summer holidays begin, and before the Christmas family and friend celebrations. In the last fews days I’ve taken my first long bike rides again, with my sister, and I cannot describe the pleasure of having the wind through my hair and the exercise of peddling to a new adventure before me.

Today we went for a coffee to Morningside and back:


Next year, I’ll be able to cycle to work and back once more. Oh Joy!

I’ve spent far more days than I wanted to, trapped in my home.

The milestones:

1)That moment when you realise you can get down the stairs and lift the knee scooter down to get to the shops! (5 November)

2) When you go back in to work for the first time (15 Nov):

3) When you take the moon boot off and try on a shoe. Then drive a short distance for the first time: (26 Nov)

4) Discovering the local bus that goes from the end of the street to Henderson mall. That opened up some possibilities including movies (23 Nov):

5) When you try cycling to see if your ankle can handle the action, and it CAN! (11 Dec):


6) When you can participate nearly fully in the end -of-year functions at home and work:

7) Being able to drive to the garden centre, collect plants, and then re-pot the front porch and put fairy lights on the front tree at last!

8) And finally, take some good long bike rides in which you cannot even feel a twinge in your ankle any longer. The best present of all! (19 and 21 Dec):

It has felt like quite a journey, and a long tedious one at times, but it is nearly over. Have a very Merry Christmas one and all!




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