The exciting end to my great adventure

I write this final post from my hospital bed at North shore hospital. Not that the holiday was so traumatic it made a cot case of me, but that I – might – have played too hard in my final week.

I had the joy of hanging out at a luxury timeshare apartment with two friends in Orlando. We went to Universal Studios on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I went down to the resort pool for a swim and slipped on the steps leading in to the water. It really really hurt for a while but I convinced myself – because I could move my toes – it was likely a sprain. I was so close to returning that I waited until coming home before checking. I went to Disney world Animal Kingdom the next day and rode a mobile scooter.

We went to Jacksonville the following day and for the last four I limped and wore an elastic bandage.

I dragged suitcases into Orlando airport, walked to the terminal and flew economy to San Francisco. Fortunately I got wheelchaired from domestic to international terminal there. Good old Air New Zealand took pity on me and upgraded me to business class (when the tray table was broken on one seat). I didn’t care: I got to lie down for 12 hours!!

Last Friday my sis picked me up from airport and delivered me to White Cross medical centre to xray the ankle. Imagine my surprise when I was told it was a complex fracture and I needed to go to North Shore hospital (orthopaedic specialists). I’m still here three days later – my carry on bag in the cupboard and my sleeping mask and ear plugs still useful.

According to a nurse friend: You may need an op… The fibula is comminuted and you have talar shift of the tibia on the talus

I am scheduled tentatively for operation on Tuesday. In the meantime I am forced to read and watch episodes on Amazon Prime with headphones. What a hardship!


  1. Cynthia Wynne · September 29, 2019

    Oh Jen what a sad end to your wonderful trip. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Sending hugs and hoping your recovery is quick xxx

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    • jennyjeffries · September 29, 2019

      Itโ€™s actually a pretty exciting end – receiving and returning hugs!


  2. Karlea · September 29, 2019

    Oh Jenny! Glad you’re getting the treatment you need. All the best for a speedy recovery! Ive enjoyed your adventures xx

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  3. Angela · September 29, 2019

    Oh no well at least you are in hospital in NZ and not in the states. Hope that if you need the op that you can get back onto the road to recovery. And you areupan dancing soon. Much love. Sending healing hugs Angela

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  4. Becky Gentry · September 29, 2019

    So sorry Jenny. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery ๐Ÿ™. You are such a lovely lady, hate to hear all this.

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  5. Bonnie · September 29, 2019

    What an end to your wonderful trip Jenny, hope it all works out and you are back on your feet soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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  6. Melissa Harrelson · September 30, 2019

    Well, at least you broke it having fun. Too bad it didn’t happen when you were seated in front of Jamie on his horse (Donas or Gideon) and slid off when taking a water break on the way to Lallybroch or Fraser’s Ridge.๐Ÿ˜˜

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  7. John Cowan · September 30, 2019

    Oh no! At least you made it back to the land of socialized medicine! I hope you get patched, fixed, or what ever needs doing really soon!

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  8. Julie · October 2, 2019

    Leave it to you, our most beloved Bard, to make even the worst of times, the best. Get well soon๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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