Lost count of days – still in Orlando

I’ve just managed to twist my ankle slipping down the stairs into the pool – and so I guess I’ll be moving more slowly over the next day or so. My body will thank me for it I’m sure. It has continued to put in the hard yards – yesterday another full day at Universal Studios in the Islands of Adventure area. Much better (in my opinion) than the Studio park. Harry Potter attractions span both parks and in the 106° F heat yesterday we passed many children earnestly pushing through the sweltering heat in the amazing displays and rides dressed in black floor-length capes and clutching wands. Marcie went on the HP ride through the castle and I watched on. Just like the airlines, it seems that the ‘average size’ is catered for rather than all sizes – yes, I sure could lose weight, but I think of all the tall sturdily built teens who must also be turned away.

Ne’er mind eh?

Loved the rides that incorporated 3D effects and sensaround – King Kong, Spiderman, Men in Black. Even The Cat in the Hat was fun. The older rides are all made to fit all sizes thank goodness.

Anyway, today, our rest day, I went down to try out the pool when the water is actually cooler than the air, as any self-respecting Kiwi would. Stepping down the slippery steps one foot slid forward and the other was forced back upon itself as I plunged headlong into the water. Heaven knows what would have happened had it happened as I stepped out of pool. I stayed in the water for a while and kept up some movement in it and am now on deck with an ice pack. There’s still a week of meeting up with folks, exploring, and holidaying to go!

Until next post. . .

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