Nova Scotia so far

Not everyone is lucky enough to catch the same hurricane twice, but I did! After Orlando I went to Canada and by the time my friend Nancy and I got to Nova Scotia, we were in time to welcome Dorian again.

He hit some parts of NS badly and as we drove around on Sunday morning trying to find some area that still had power we saw signs of his passing everywhere. That second night at Beaver Bank our hostess was on pot, grew it out back, and left us to light candles and cope when the power went out in the night. It made for an interesting night, with the wind whistling around and the lake whipped up.

We found a fish and chip shop open and enjoyed some really good takeout.

Next morning we got away early and searched for breakfast, finding it in a family restaurant in Sackville, one of the pockets that still had power. Great wait for a table but a good breakfast eventually.

The rest of the day we drove around NS and ended up at Digby – power out – at a tiny roadside lobster shack running on generator. It was 1.5 hours before our little lobster rolls were ready, such was the wait. On the road bisecting the country towards the south we encountered many trees still down across the lanes, and with some relief arrived in Lunenburg unscathed.

I love this fishing village! Brightly coloured homes, jaunty shops, numerous fish restaurants with decks overlooking the sea – we enjoyed it all over the last two days. Our B&B was upstairs in a house and was its own apartment – overlooking some forest from which deer occasionally strayed.

Today Nancy drove around the coast below Halifax to Peggy’s Cove which is a village and lighthouse built on rock. En route we stopped at a Lebanese restaurant and were entertained and fed by the sole chef, manager, maitre de, shop keeper whose exaggeration and tall tales knew no bounds. The over-priced chicken wraps we got were good ($13!!) and it made for an experience for sure.

We are on the third floor of this stately house on main street of Wolfville, in our own apartment. Once more the beds are pretty hard but I think we’re so tired it won’t matter.

Hope I see a sea otter or moose before I leave!

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