Day 29 – 31 Off to Florida

My last few days in Bournemouth were a very happy mix of tripping to Dorchester, the New Forest, with friends. I saw Arthur Conan Doyle’s grave, befriended wandering horses, walked the thatched houses of Milton Abbas, and the last evening a whole bunch of us got together for dinner, games and skyping Auckland.

Now I am awaiting my flight to Orlando, FL which I was unable to change. Should be interesting flying in to a category 5 hurricane. In two days I fly to Canada from Orlando – I hope – and head to Nova Scotia with my friend Nancy. And before you ask, yes, I did try all available flight options. I’m not worried.

Until the other side …


  1. Cynthia Wynne · September 2, 2019

    Fingers crossed it all works out ok Jenny

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  2. Karlea · September 2, 2019

    Safe travels Jenny!

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