Day 28 – Bournemouth and New Forest

Day 28 – Bournemouth and New Forest. First off a coffee from Peer Kaper! Today Nicole Rosine Henderson Schmidt took me to Minstead where we found another literary hero – Arthur Conan Doyle – buried in the churchyard beneath a huge oak tree. A curved pipe sat against his headstone.

After contemplating the delightful little village with its wandering cattle and horses, we set off for Lyndhurst and the grave of the real Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame, except that she will forever be in wonderland for me due to the line of traffic leading in to town.

Instead, Nicole and Delphi the labrador and I headed for Burley where the promise of Dorset Applecake awaited us.

Found an outside table and the promised cake was all it should have been. Even Delphi got some doggy treats on a plate from waiter.

All in all a successful outing.


  1. John Craig Cowan · August 31, 2019

    Nice. Have you ever heard about Doyle and the Cottingley Fairies? He was an ardent spiritualist, and he was absolutely convinced that photgraphs taken by two young girls actually showed fairies (They were actually cardboard cutouts!) and he remained completely certain theyt were genuine.

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