Day 18 – a surprise in Falkland

I followed the advice of Fiona Potter this morning and set off along the coastal road north of Edinburgh and following the upper edge of the Firth of Forth. (How I love saying that!)

At Kirkcaldy I took a photo of the huge expanse of ocean and then pinpointed the Dysart harbour and the setting for another famous Outlander scene. In Season 2, Jamie and Claire take ship and it is set here in this quaint harbour.

I settled in for a much-wanted coffee and warm roll, gazing out at the scene above. Then I pointed the nose of the car towards St Andrews and before 30 mins had passed found myself in this golfing mecca, filled with many ancient religious ruins – and some not so ruined – and stopped for proper lunch.

I headed back westwards towards Falkland, my place I was stopping for the night, thrilled to know I’d be staying in Mrs Baird’s lodgings from the show. Loved the rolling pastures and newly mown fields.

Before long I was pulling in to Falkland and I found the carpark and then set off to register and find out if there was a closer place to park.

Please grasp how great my surprise when I was hailed by two women sitting on a seat in the church grounds.

It was Sarah Berry from Manchester and her friend Pamela from Liverpool, both of them driven up to join me (unbeknown to me) in Falkland. They’d been waiting hours!! Both had stayed the previous night in the Art Gallery studio B&B and Sarah had kept the secret of her trip up to surprise me for weeks. I was speechless (for about 1 minute) and we have not stopped talking since.

We’ve had a fine afternoon tea together, seen me settled into my spacious apartment at Mrs Baird’s:

And sipped a spot of pink gin in their own rooms.

We wandered down to the local for a particularly fresh haddock and chips meal and were almost the last ones out at 10ish. Have continued our conversation at their rooms and now at midnight I have walked home looking for Jamie’s ghost at midnight.

It has been a glorious day!

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