Day 17 – last day in Edinburgh

This morning I set off at 10ish to make my way to Charlotte Square and the Edinburgh Book Festival, where my faithful Scottish friend Fiona Potter was meeting me.

It was near deserted when I arrived but filled up fast. A number of pavilions and coffee places, the spectacular Speigeltent, (one of which regularly turns up in Auckland), and hordes of school children. Soon my friend arrived and great was the rejoicing thereof.

I know Fiona because of Outlander and through twitter, and we met for the first time in 2015 when I came to Scotland to drive myself around the filming locations. She is someone I always hope to see when I come. Again in 2017 she showed me around New Lanark – the cotton mill and town not far from her home. Today we enjoyed a long catchup and then browsed the books. I purchased a paperback about a man living in the wilds of the Highlands with an endeavour to save a number of threatened Scottish creatures from extinction.

I was hearted to see my favourite author’s books on sale:

We ate a salad for lunch and then headed in to the Speigeltent to hear two crime/thriller authors discuss their books. It was refreshing to hear some of their stories and ways of writing their characters and plot outlined.

Time for a restorative cup of tea and then the walk back to one of the main streets to go our separate ways. I hope I have opportunity to see Fiona again!

I am now hunched in my hovel of a room resting and considering the plans for the evening. I’ll leave you with this multi-coloured floral facade I passed on the way home.


  1. John Craig Cowan · August 19, 2019

    Nice that you have pals around the planet

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