Day 16 – Edinburgh

My past felonies have caught up with me and I was seized and cast into the depths of Edinburgh prison! Actually I paid something like £14 for the privilege! It was an excellent adventure and a mixture of spooky effects, short rides, dark voiceovers and torture.

I escaped uninjured and hope the accusations don’t stick!

But I get ahead of myself. I set off to find breakfast on the bus with a £4 day pass – finding myself heading to The Southern Cross on Cockburn St.

Ah, the architecture of Edinburgh! I love it.

I also loved my first decent flat white in a while:

Then it was on up the cobbled streets of the Mile enjoying some sunshine and festival crowds.

Lest I be enjoying myself too much John Knox, founder of Presbyterianism, scowled at me from the Cathedral frontage.

Further down the Mile I walked and merely by accepting flyers thrust at me received this many by the time I reached The World’s End.

Best of all I encountered this superior owl.

Walking back towards the railway station I passed Edinburgh prison, which is how I found myself incarcerated.

I purchased some salads and fruit from a supermarket to eat back in my room and lay down for a restorative rest.

This evening I’ve been back to the Vue complex for dinner and a movie, and am now sipping tea and biting down on shortbread.

Goodnight all!


  1. John Craig Cowan · August 19, 2019

    Good yarn, lass. I’m glad they let you out of the clink. There was probably grafiitti on the cell walls from my Midlothian Cowan forbears. That is a remarkable owl, and I think the owner has a somewaht similar superior owlish look about him,

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennyjeffries · August 19, 2019

      You know I hadn’t noticed the owl owner look but you’re right! Like owl like owner!


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