Day 6 – Ludlow (and Hereford)

This is the beautifully crafted gate (made by Chris) at the Georgian townhouse I am staying at this week. If you walk through the garden little evidences of his artisan smithying are evident.

My favourite place to sit – and Glyn’s- is the table in the back garden surrounded by the vibrant welter of flowers, birds and bees. Blackberry vines have provided enough fruit for a pie tomorrow night, sweetpeas are just coming into flower, and fat bees are pushing around the flowerheads in busy crowds.

When I exclaimed over the fine metalwork, Chris presented me with two different items to keep:

And something called a Solar Eye which when placed correctly on windowsill can tell you when the middle of the day is.

We took advantage of the fine weather to wash and hang out clothes. Had coffee and croissants in garden. Then Glyn and I set off to have a quick look at Ludlow town.

I purchased some Italian linen tops from a street vendor, sampled cheese, admired the abundant summer fruits, and revelled in the quirky architecture.

Satisfied with our purchases we drove off towards Hereford to visit Angela Sasso, a fellow Outlander fan. (30 mins away.)

Here is a panorama of Ludlow as we left it:

Upon arriving at this country house, we saw another woman being dropped off by taxi, and were pleased to see another fellow Outlander coming for lunch too. Four nations were represented: Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Angela is a great cook, and plied us all afternoon with a range of courses, starting with a glass of soda/juice out in the garden, then inside (when a shower came over) a avocado and shrimp cocktail. Then a salmon surrounded with many accompaniments – boiled potatoes, beans, olives, roast peppers, tomatoes etc. But wait, there’s more! A cheese board next of local cheeses and pears/celery/crackers. Finally THE most delicious lemon slice and cream. All washed down with copious amounts of rosé.

The conversation was lively and bounced around many topics ending with many recommendations for books to read that I have made careful note of.

It was particularly nice for me to meet Julie, an Australian single who is travelling solo to many different countries for extended periods of time and hear her stories.

Finally, sated, Glyn and I returned to Ludlow and a relaxing evening with Chris and Bree, sipping tea in the evening light in garden then watching a little television.

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