On t’other side of world at last

Descended out of clouds at lunchtime today and am now in the familiar terrain of the Park Inn, Heathrow. Have bought SIM card, showered, slept, and feeling somewhat more myself, am hunched groggily in bar downstairs partaking in soda & lime and small plates of nibbles.

THAT was a loooong journey. 12.5 hours to LA, 2.5 in transit, 10 hours to Heathrow. Still, I’m pinching myself that I am here at last.



  1. John Craig Cowan · August 4, 2019

    Amazing to thing that since you are almost directly opposite us in the Antipodes, if I was to point to you, I would be pointing straight down. “Jenny… well she’s gone… you know… [pointing downwards]”. It also means that you are completely upside down relative to my upright self. I shall think of you inverted like that.
    I’m glad that you survived the ordeal of long distance air travel. Enjoy you journeys.

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    • jennyjeffries · August 4, 2019

      Why thank you, John. What an arresting description. I shall think of you in the same light – even now as I arise feeling the blood surge to my feet, I can imagine your cheeks growing warm as the opposite happens.


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