One day to go. . .


It has reached this stage in the preparation process: sorting and reassessing the clothes, drying the ones that have hung outside with the rain (we don’t own a dryer), buying gifts, and yesterday going through my itinerary and filling the gaps with all the useful information (in case I’m unable to access data!).

In the course of this process, I discovered – somewhat to my horror! – that I needed a visa for Canada. I have traveled by car into Canada in the past and don’t recall getting one, and you know, I thought being part of the same Commonwealth of nations and all that, but no, I needed one. Here’s where a state of near panic surged up and I took the first official website offering online visa processing and proceeded, finding that a sum of $100 was needed. Not til my friend in Canada stated that I needed to beware of false sites did I double check and feel my adrenalin rise again: the OFFICIAL site said I only needed to pay $7. A quick phone call late at night to my bank and the distressing news that they could not cancel payment pending, and “Did I want to cancel my credit card?”. Um, NO!! Not with only a day to go before heading out into the wild beyond.

Great has been my relief this morning to find that I have a valid visa for Canada for a princely sum, paid to an ‘immigration service’ (who pocketed the $93 for doing what I could have done), and who sent me the $7 visa. I have double-checked with the official site and it is valid. A LESSON FOR THE LESS VIGILANT.

Apart from that brief glitch, I’m feeling excited and have the leisure to ensure I have got all the details sorted. To make matters even better, I received a free upgrade to Business Class on the 12.5 hr flight to Los Angeles, so I certainly cannot complain about being diddled of that lesser sum. (My last long trip pushed my airpoints status up to silver, which gives you a free status upgrade on flights. These requests often don’t happen because of the planes being overbooked, but the miracle happened this time.)

The next time I write, I imagine it will be from the Northern Hemisphere and the diagonal opposite of where I am currently. Until then . . .


  1. John Craig Cowan · July 30, 2019

    Woo hoo! An upgrade! A pity about the scammy agent filching $93 from you but I guess that’s life in this rough and tumble digital world of tricksters and low-principled cons. Bon voyage!

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    • jennyjeffries · July 30, 2019

      Yes, I was thrilled. The delight of lying flat is under-appreciated. THANKS JOHN.


  2. annie · July 30, 2019

    Great to get the upgrade, Jenny,
    and the visa at least from a valid site.
    We don’t have a dryer either and I always have clothes on a clothes horse.
    Bon voyage, my dear friend, i look forward to hearing all about your newest travels. xx

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  3. Larissa · July 31, 2019

    Upgrade! Yee ha! Have a great trip Jenny. Look forward to reading about your travels. Canada is glorious! Lx

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  4. Rebecca Reckin · August 1, 2019

    Fantastic upgrade! Nothing better than having that extra space and more comfortable seat on such a long flight! Have a fantastic trip!

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