Short post to say we did a bit of traveling today and finally ended up at this cosy b&b in Dublin – arriving at 7pm. Before we could say Jack O’Shannesay our gregarious landlady swept us off in her car, along with two German guests, dropping us in the heart of the city. This could account for our slightly stunned looks.

Anyhoo, we’ve stumbled around Temple Bar area through seething masses of partying and excited ‘young’ people (I never thought I’d be different myself) and finally ended up having dinner at a contemporary deli cum food hall.

We realised we were finally eating when the French were – at what to our body clocks was 9.15pm. Then after failing to secure a bus we’ve taxied home, had a great cup of hot tea, and at 11.15pm (French time) are in our respective beds.

Tomorrow is another day.

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