Wednesday was a trip to Cassis and my first glimpse of the Mediterranean

To market to market to buy a fine horse! Markets everywhere – we left St Remy which had their weekly market in full swing, to travel 2 hours south west to the coastal town of Cassis. The motorways were fast but a bit knuckle-clenching, and we discovered the toll booths and spent some panicked moments interpreting instructions in french. After a wrong turn that delayed us 30 mins we were finally gliding downhill into another lively market at Cassis.

Thunder sounded overhead and the rain poured down and we made our way in to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Afterwards, in clearing skies, we lined up and boarded a boat for a two-hour trip out to view the Calanques. Sooo worth doing!

By this time the sun was beating down on us and we applied sun lotion and glasses and spent the next two-hours in awe of the limestone cliffs listening to an unintelligible commentary which was full of interesting facts, I’m sure.

Lots of caves, coves and deep emerald or indigo water.

We made it back to port just as the skies became overcast and after some shopping headed up the steep slope out, Helen driving. At one point a campervan coming down swung right over into our lane and had Helen’s reflexes not been quick we’d have been hit. As it was we drew shakily out of the verge where we’d been forced and on up the hill.

This is where the boat went – ignore the road line – you can see Marseille around the corner.

We got food from supermarket and relaxed at the hotel after a very exciting day.

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