Abbaye de Montmajour and some more Vincent at Arles

The good times keep rolling on. Today it was raining when we sat eating our breakfast and contemplated the things to do today. Decided to continue our appreciation of Van Gogh’s genius by visiting some of his paintings at Arles. On the way we stopped off at this old – mostly Medieval – abbey. Notable for its ‘dug into stone’ graves.

The chapel inside was beautifully adept at making our voices roll around – it must have been glorious when the monks all sang together here.

Outside there were wide views towards Arles and the flat plains between.

It was only another ten minute drive to Arles where we parked and found a coffee. These streets are every bit as winding and intriguing as Avignon but poorer somehow. I really liked them.

Here we found an authentic market selling vegies, food, meats etc to the locals: it felt less tourist-focussed. We bought some items for a picnic lunch and proceeded on to the Van Gogh museum/gallery. Very glorious to be able to absorb some of his paintings up close:

We made our way to the banks of the Rhone and dangled our legs over eating our lunch and appreciating the millenia that man has done just this in this very spot. So many ancient Roman ruins everywhere!

We have driven back and swum in the pool. Bliss.

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