St Remy and Uzes

It’s a wee bit hard taking time to blog – we’re either moving or we’re not – and I’m a bit tired to write it all down. God bless my friends Peter and Annie F who told us about this place and gave us a list of all the things to see. We’ve made a good start. Yesterday we spent looking over St Remy, the town we’re staying in for 16 days. Helen set off on foot and I drove a bit later. Bought a dress and earrings. We got some supplies separately and ended up eating them back at the extensive grounds of hotel. Later we headed back for a meal at the dining hour for French – sometime after 8pm.

We struck it lucky and found a sprawling Spanish restaurant complete with musicians and a dancer.

It was absolutely delightful to hear them. At some point some of the diners got up and joined them.

I was a little taken aback by the unexpected crustaceans on my plate, but had a poke around and a nibble.

This morning we availed ourselves of the excellent breakfast served at the hotel. Then we piled into the car and set off an hour away to Uzes and the largest market in south France. It was stupendous. Bought 3 more tops/dresses and accessories and walked all the cobbled streets.

Then we stopped for lunch – immense platters of gourmet delights.

After, we drove home via Pont Grande (?) and the river. A bit cold to swim but had our togs just in case.

We’ve come home, rested, gone back into town for a movie and found it is in Spanish. Supermarket instead and al fresco eating at home.

One of my purchases is on me as I type.


  1. bigdoh · May 19, 2018

    Everything looks fabulous there. I almost taste the food! It looks like it’s complete sensory joy to be there. The colors, the scents, the sounds. I love the dress you picked out. As a reminder, I need a size 4 any style. Love to you and your sister!xoxo

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    • jennyjeffries · May 20, 2018

      Hi Karen – you’re right – it’s sensory overload. Not the place to come and lose weight. I’m doing that when I get home. Thanks for your comment – sending you some virtual poppies. 🌺🌺🌺


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