Goodbye Albania

Feeling a weight in heart at leaving Tirana. What a rich weekend of fellowship, food, and totally unique and different customs and culture. But most of all the delightful group of Christians we met who all have met together in homes for the last 18 years. They treated us like treasured guests – I have never been more kissed, hugged and cared for in three days before.

We loved walking the streets taking in the sights – among us were Canadians, Americans, Dutch and we Kiwis.

In all of the time I felt safe and looked after – but it was sobering to reflect on all that Albania has endured over her long and tempestuous history.

Now back in London about to depart for Paris but I can’t help thinking the richest part of our trip is behind us.


  1. bigdoh · May 18, 2018

    I want to hear more about this leg of your journey. Call me when you get home.xo

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