Hello Tirana!!

Well, we’re in Albania! Yes – a 3-hr flight over some interesting patchwork of hills and mountains and touched down at 12.30pm.

We were met by Espressa who cannot speak English but was fluent in hugs and the taxi driver drove us through a maze of streets and through some scary roundabouts to our hotel. The hotel was tucked down a back street but perfectly fine and – when our bags were dropped – we joined the other ladies for lunch. What happy reunions with some I know in both America and the Netherlands, Bournemouth and the new ones hosting us here.

I have stepped out into the back streets and seen a moody sky above which yielded these shots.

Thrilled to be here. It has been exhausting but rich already. Ours were the first New Zealand passports the customs official had seen.


  1. Carol Pickersgill · May 11, 2018

    Looks like a fun group and a very nice venue! But – A question! – I could be seeing things, but…Are you wearing a top made out of the Gabeaux Tapestry? It looks very attractive and comfortable!

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  2. Johncowannz · May 13, 2018

    What a fantastically interesting place to visit

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