We’re on the top of the world!

That is sis and I at Auckland airport 30 hours ago. Little did I know that the cash passport card with all my money on it had expired last year. Just as well. It was a 12 hour flight to LA and slept for a good number of those hours. The transit through LA nowhere near as bad as last time – we got syphoned off early – and managed a brief lull in the departure lounge. Then 9 hours to London where I discovered the foibles of my financial plan for the next five weeks. Credit card it is then.

We’ve been downstairs after a four hour snooze, and shower, to check out the balmy weather before settling over a cider and tapas. Ah, England! Remember us?


  1. Vicki Carver · May 7, 2018

    Loved England have a great trip with your sister nice to see you are having good weather

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  2. Carol Pickersgill · May 7, 2018

    Welcome to the Northern Hemisphere, ladies!
    I’m curious about your route. Sorry to display my ignorance… For some reason I thought you’d have traveled east from home, rather than west. Is it usual to travel from NZ to Europe via Pacific/NA/Atlantic?
    …Not that it makes any difference! Happy beginning of your trip!

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  3. Carol Pickersgill · May 7, 2018

    Woops! I meant west to east, not east to west…sorry to confuse…it’s too early for me to try to be coherent…

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