I’m off overseas again! Come too?!

Wanderlust has got me again – I’m heading to Albania – Paris – Bournemouth – Provence – Ireland for five weeks this coming weekend. My sis is coming too. It’s going to be mostly relaxing and hanging around in the south of France but some bits are going to be lively and people-filled.

No books will be written after this trip, but I will keep this blog up if you are interested in the journey.


  1. Andrea Candy · April 28, 2018

    How do you do it, Jen? You must be earning megabucks in between overseas trips!

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    • jennyjeffries · April 28, 2018

      Actually – it’s because I’m too late to buy a house and we all got family money recently. This trip is thanks to Dad 😍


  2. Maryann Meister · April 28, 2018

    That’s wonderful! Bon voyage!

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  3. Carol Pickersgill · April 28, 2018

    Good for you and sis! I love having friends who travel and maintain lively blogs, as I’m unable to get out myself any more. Saw the world in my younger days when I travelled for work but didn’t always have time to linger in places I wanted. So, thank you, Jenny, for once again providing a Public Service Foreign Field Assignment! Fair winds, shining sun, friendly folk, good food, clean sheets and toilets that flush properly…These are my wishes for you.
    Have to ask – Albania?

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    • jennyjeffries · April 28, 2018

      How wonderful! Thank you Carol – what a heartening response. Albania? We have an invitation to spend a long weekend with some lovely folk who are part of a house church there. It’s why we started this adventure.


  4. SARIAH STANBRA · April 29, 2018

    Sounds fantastic!! Have a great time.

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  5. Cassandra Rodriguez · April 29, 2018

    How wonderful… I long for Ireland…stand on great moor overlooking the ocean and dance a jig for me, would ya?! Angels go with you, much joy💗

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