Easter weekend

After all that effort leading up to this mid-week of the fourth month of the year, it all feels a little ‘wasted’. I know, it can’t be. But having lost 6 kgs by effort of exercise and food plan, I find my will power not enough to stop the avalanche of spiced buns and chocolate that saturate this particular celebration. I hope I haven’t gained too much.

It all started at work this week, when we had a Hot Cross Bun morning tea – and it was on a larger scale than I have ever been privy to:

There were three or four tables of these hot cross buns laid out, and many people didn’t come because there was a growing storm outside, and they would have had to negotiate the slippery wet ups and downs of the University terrain. So I had to have two buns for their sakes.

Then Good Friday turned up and the spicy little numbers kept turning up too: my own frozen ones, the ones my sister made (pictured), the ones my flatmate had – basically, the foundation to all food eaten on Friday was hot cross buns.

On Saturday I managed to get out and cycle for a good distance. It probably wore off about ONE bun. Still it was great to get out and about.


And of course, during the last few days, when there weren’t buns there was chocolate: Bunnies, eggs, blocks, marshmallow kebabs, you name it, these lips have sampled it. I’m not even going to grace this page with any pics of it.

I did – surprisingly – manage to get up before the dawn this Easter Sunday morning and catch the most spectacular sunrise. A moment of serenity in the midst of chaos. It was glorious:

There are so many things I need to do, and yet I’ve spent much time reading. There is so much I should be planning for in coming days, and yet I’ve watched end-on-end series (The Man in the top of the Castle). There is so much good food I should have had, but I’ve eaten all the naughty stuff. Oh well. Shoulda, coulda, woulda – time enough to do all that I’m sure.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and have enjoyed yourselves as much as I have.

Happy Easter.