Summer has come at last. . .

It is Monday, Auckland Anniversary Day, and a lovely long weekend. I can hear the cicadas outside chirping, and the sun is shining in a rich blue sky. Aucklanders will be very happy indeed. I have seen quite a few of them, actually, as I made my own way to the customary coastline for a dip and a picnic. So I know that they are all making the most of it.

My lazy weekend started on Saturday, with a long bike ride to my favourite cafe in Morningside. Met my sister on the way back – she’d gone to Pt Chev for a coffee there.


I did little more than read, tidy up a bit, read, make a few desultory notes about my coming travel, read, and then think it was a good evening to fire up the chiminea again. And while I was firing it up, I bethought me of making my dinner in it. I found my little tagine, just right for one meal, and sliced in some marinated lamb, and assorted vegies. After about three quarters of an hour, sizzling quietly, they were ready.

Oh how I love the sensation of making something from scratch – it takes me back to some very primeval roots somewhere. I was visited by two folks during the course of the evening as the fire died down, and the evening turned pink and winsome.

Sunday morning was a longer sleep-in, followed by a drive up to get vegies from a market garden north of Auckland. Boric’s do a lovely food and cafe area, and I was able to find some very healthy options for lunch.


After returning and sorting my groceries, I did a bit of front porch hanging out until it was time to actually get a few chores done. My sister and I decided to hop on our non-electric bikes and cruise the coastal streets enjoying the peaceful evening and the pastel views out across the harbour.

Today was the official day off for Aucklanders, and indeed they are out there, at the beaches and waterways everywhere. I just made it to this carpark before the crowds, and had a swim and lunch. Then I moved on to another beach for another dip. Followed by the customary ice cream up at Arataki Visitors Centre on Scenic Drive.

All in all, a very pleasant three days so far. I hope you’ve got a whiff of it from this post. And in case you think it has all been about lazing around. . . I did get in some exercise from the My Peak Challenge booklet I’m doing before the day kicked in. Here, have a wee laugh:




  1. bigdoh · January 30, 2017

    All I can say is “idyllic” you lucky woman and great form on your workout!xx

    Liked by 1 person

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