A breath of country air. . .

Tomorrow I am back at my temp job in the city, and will hit the ground running. I just know there will be issues to deal with, and plenty of mail to catch up on. Summer has not really arrived yet in New Zealand. . . well, okay. . . it has been humid and warmish, but we’ve got more rain now and so it doesn’t feel too bad not to be on holiday with the teeming millions.

Which is why the last few days I spent leading up to New Year’s Day were so delightful. This was taken on New Year’s Eve.


I went down south of Auckland – about an hour’s drive – to a large country property (in Mangitangi), belonging to a friend and her husband. I’ve known Beverley for over 40 years, ever since the first day of Teacher’s College when we two newbies met each other over a discussion about where the carpark was. Her father was army, my Dad was police, and we both lived in similar army/police houses, with three other siblings. We have regularly connected over the years, and enjoyed a friendship more akin to being sisters than merely friends.

Now that their two delightful daughters have fled the nest, I get my pick of which bedroom to stay in – and we have more time to do things together again. You should hear the wisdom expressed and the wide variety of world issues that get discussed and dealt with over endless cups of tea! She read Outlander books before me, but of course, once I got hold of them there was no stopping the deep and widespread involvement in all things associated with the show and books. She and I went (with Rhonnie Brinsdon) to the Kiwi Outlander Gathering this last year, and both of us loved it.


But I digress. . .

Imagine leaving the busy largest city in New Zealand, driving south over the Bombay Hills, and into a rolling countryside of green pastures, hidden valleys, and the serenity of that landscape. It was bliss!!

I lost track of time, we got up when we felt like it, and my closest neighbours were these critters:

Those three days passed very quickly, nevertheless. How very fortunate I am to have such good friends, and to feel so welcome with them. I shall always remember seeing the New Year in as we did, having fish and chips on camp chairs down at the local beach which is Kaiaua.

And waking while it was still dark to see the gorgeous countryside slowly waken to a rosy dawn. A great start to 2017! May  your year be as promising as this one seems to be.



  1. Vicki Carver · January 3, 2017

    Glad you had a good New Years in the. Counyry like you we also have only had a few days of really hot weather and lot’s of rain have a great year Jenny

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bigdoh · January 3, 2017

    You are so blessed Jenny in your friends, your outlook and your scenery! But so am I! I count you as a friend and I get to view things through your eyes and live vicariously through your adventures! Much love this New Year!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennyjeffries · January 3, 2017

      Oh I hope you have lots of adventures of your own that thrill you in the coming year, Karen. 😘


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