I’m in my eighth state since I arrived

We came up to Savannah, Georgia, for my last weekend here – I’ve never been here and always been curious about this very old, steeped-in-history town. Unbeknownst to me, when I booked a place to stay I chose Hilton Head, which just happens to be above the State line in southern Carolina. The huge billboard that stands in a swamp north of the elegant bridge leading out of Savannah reads ‘Fire an Automatic Machine gun! Details…’ Soooo bizarre. 

Anyway, back to Savannah. We enjoyed a drink on the deck of a hotel overlooking River Rd, the old port of the city. 

Then we continued our journey north into South Carolina, out along a string of arched bridges into a very classy holiday area – Hilton Head. After dropping our bags at the Park Lane Hotel, we set off and researched the eating establishments whose lights gleamed beguilingly through the trees on the road leading in. Eventually we found one called Porter & Pig, an upbeat bar with a ‘Cheers’ style central bar stool area and tables around the side. Naturally we both tried an Irish ale, and ordered some very passable tapas. 

This morning we set off to properly explore Savannah. It seemed the best option initially would be to take one of the many trolley bus rides on offer, and indeed, it was a great way to hear the history of the central historic district. So many fabulous old homes – from the 1700s through to Victorian times, all situated in leafy splendor around a number of green parks. The trees are all old and gnarled with spanish moss trailing lacily from their boughs. 

Our driver was most informative – not at all put off by the fact that the bus broke down and remained motionless for about 15 minutes. Down on River Road, the cobbles are authentic, and the Factor’s homes with their iron walkways at the back where they bid and bargained for the bales of cotton on the walkway below. 

We were dropped off at the Market square, and had a lunch of steak sandwich and blackened groper that we relished. After walking down River Road and sampling fudge and wandering the open markets, Marcie and I took the free Red Dot bus back to our car. I drove over the State line again and this time we went to find the sea front of the island we were staying on. The beach is gorgeous with fine white sand…and a long twisting ugly pipeline running its length. If anyone can explain what it’s doing there I’d be most grateful! 


  1. Vicki Carver · November 13, 2016

    Thank you jenny these are fantastic pictures of Savanah l have always loved the trees there

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Larraine B · November 13, 2016

    The pipeline is hideous!!! Gorgeous pix.

    Liked by 1 person

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