Jenny through Looking Glass: Florida

Why the title? I DO feel like Alice, who slipped through a mirror and found herself in a similar but opposite world. Never more so than now, when the weather is sticky and hot but getting cooler, I am now in a rental car and driving (on the WRONG side), and all my family at home are in bed in the middle of the day.


Here’s my charming sister, on the day before she went home, having fun in Walmart, moments before we thought about how many others might have put that very mask on THEIR heads too.

Since then, I’ve come alone down to Jacksonville, Florida, less on a holiday and more to help out my old boss who is an author, when I can, see some friends I know well, and catch up with the odd Outlander friends I have met before. (And mayhap some new ones). I was excited but saddened to see the aftermath of the hurricane, and the devastation it caused the beach frontage. It may not show so much on these photos, but in that large blue space there used to be a lovely long wooden pier.

I did find my favourite shop on the beach front – Bali store- and bought some new garments at it. Had coffee at the local cafe, and negotiated the roads for the first time. I am driving what feels like a hearse. A huge black SUV – of the kind I scorn in Auckland as being unnecessarily large and cumbersome – but here, it seems to be indeed a ‘mid-size’ car. So far I have been safe enough on the roads, following the trail of cars ahead of me. Only a couple of times found myself turning into a parking lot instead of the main street.

I met up with my Outlander buddies: Jean and Phil Macomber, and their daughter Heather, who had me over for tea and cranberry loaf the second day I was here. So very welcoming and hospitable. I’m hoping to meet up with some other FL Outlander fans next Wednesday at a local pub.


In the meantime, I’m ‘working’ – so you won’t find so many updates – at least you’ll know why. I did enjoy a trip to an old favourite yesterday: ‘Cracker Barrel’ and my friend and I went to two movies, almost in empty theatres, reclining back on luxurious chairs that weren’t there last time I was here. I’m caught up now with ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ and ‘The Magnificent Seven’.


I’m about to head out into the hot noon sun, pleased to know that winter approaches, and by the time I leave in three weeks, it will possibly be exactly the same temperature as Auckland, when I arrive for our summer. I’m TRYING not to eat too much, but there are many temptations out there, and the PORTION SIZE is out of this world. Mental note: Make sure to get take home bags.

Until next time then. Thanks for all the lovely comments and likes. I always enjoy hearing from you.


  1. bigdoh · October 20, 2016

    Glad the weather is cooling a little. My sister said it has been miserably hot! She is going toward Cape Canaveral where my parents condo was to check on beach erosion! Glad you’re catching up with old friends! xx

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    • jennyjeffries · October 20, 2016

      Are you flying down to join us at pub? You know you want to…šŸ˜˜


  2. Carol Pickersgill · October 21, 2016

    WELCOME back to “the Sunshine State”! Sounds like things started off on a high note for you here in spite of the hurricane damage. “Matthew” was supposed to make landfall down here in Palm Beach County (about a 6 hour drive south of JAX) so we did our best to prepare for a serious storm…but, luckily, it never touched land down here. Our pool didn’t even overflow and we never lost power. Anyway – I’m sure the next few weeks will be a work and social whirlwind as you’re wined and dined by your Florida peeps…Next time you come I hope we can arrange to meet, even if it’s brief. I feel I owe you **at LEAST** a nice lunch, for all the laughs and joy you’ve added to my life in the last few years. šŸ™‚ Have fun, Jenny!

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  3. Carol · October 21, 2016

    when l was there back in 2014 l was taken to this pretty famous ice cream restaurant in Ft Lauderdale..Jackson something..??they have a famous ice-cream dish where they serve it in a kitchen sink, well a small one..and there has to be a minimum of four people ordering it before they will serve it…also the size of the meals were way to much so my friend and l got doggy bags for the half we could not eat and had it, between us, for lunch on the road the next day…will be making use of a lot of doggy bags next trip l think..

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