New York, New York

Wow…having SUCH a good (and exhausting) time here in the big apple. There are so many people! So many cars! Especially in Times Square where we are situated in our hotel. 

Arrived here by train yesterday, lunchtime, and apart from brief bouts of collapse on bed, have been out there taking it all in. Helen and I bought a two-day hop on, hop off, bus pass, which would work better if the roads weren’t so congested, but we’ve managed to get down through Soho to view the 9/11 memorial area, see the Statue of Liberty in distance, and book a show for tonight. 

Then we met my nephew who lives in Brooklyn at his place of work – Frankies 570 – down on the Westside. We laughed all evening.

I’ve had photos with two NYPD officers and made up for the fine NY food I’ve been eating by walking and cycling – this morning in Central Park. 

Then I popped by the Guggenheim museum.

And after that found the very Barbour Shop that a few weeks ago Sam Heughan was featuring at and meeting fans – on Madison Ave.

We’re resting up now, before heading off to see Aladdin tonight. 


  1. bigdoh · October 11, 2016

    You are really doing the town! There is nowhere like NYC!❤️xx

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  2. Susan Van Hoven · October 12, 2016

    What glorious weather you’ve had. So glad you’re having fun. I love and miss New York.

    Liked by 1 person

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