First day in Pennsylvania

It started off with my sis and I rushing up from the guestrooms in basement up to the top of the house to check on our Aussie cousin, Kath, who had arrived in at 2amish. There was a lot of squealing and chortling and it was the best way to start the day. 

Breakfast was long and leisurely, with hilarious dressing up of the two dachshunds in halloween costumes, a homebaked breakfast dish, and LOTS of talking, which did not stop until I headed downstairs to bed tonight. We’ve walked around the area and enjoyed the spacious views, rolling meadowland, lack of fences, and community tennis court. Tonight we all had drinks with the neighbours at 5, and then Chicken Cordon bleu. 

Soooo nice – amazing – to be able to be together. To share notes about our respective fathers, to swap family stories, to laugh long and often, and to learn that much more about each other. 

There is much more to come: a promise of dinner out tomorrow for my birthday among other things. It has already been so worth it to have come this far to all be together! 

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