Get set. . . GO!


Two hours before we find ourselves at the first of a few airports. I’m packed. Sister has cold. Down to testing the various merits of blow up neck cushion as opposed to reliable stuffed neck cushion. Last minute phone calls from friends.

I should have timed this so that it happened on my birthday in 2 days – that way I could rightly claim to be stretching the celebration out for 48 hours. As it is, we leave here at 5pm from Auckland, on Saturday, and arrive in Houston at midday, same day. I’m also wearing layers of clothing to compensate for a move from deep south to high north – the blur of spring blossoms to the rich colours of Fall. Gotta love time travel.

I hope to blog again soon – much will depend upon ease of Sim card acquisition, and wifi range. Until then – Bon Voyage!


  1. bigdoh · October 1, 2016

    Safe trip! I’m sure there will be press coverage when you arrive! I, for one am thrilled you’ll be on the same continent. I will DM you my cell number so maybe you can give me a jingle while you’re on my home turf! xx

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    • jennyjeffries · October 1, 2016

      Please do! Thanks. Sitting in airport at Houston awaiting flight to Philly


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