Paring back

It’s been an interesting day. I do my three days in town working tomorrow, so it rests heavily upon Monday and Tuesday to get other things done. TODAY it was the six-monthly medical check up and discussion with doctor about what I’m presently doing to lose weight. She is really good, actually – it wasn’t her that brought it up, but me. So I told her I’m cutting out the carbs and sugar and still doing my walking, and overall, she’s pretty happy. So am I. Three weeks on the food plan and I’m watching a bit of weight slithering off.

And today was the end of the Privet Tree, that used to sit in the corner of the section. If you want to watch it going down in action, check this out. Now we get a bit more sunshine, and probably fewer allergies, but I’m still grieving. I LOVE TREES. On a wet night, I sheltered under this one waiting for rides etc. It’s all good though. A neighbour just interrupted this post to ask about the big logs lying stacked by the roadside, and so one family will be kept warmer this winter because of the tree.

What else? Well, thank her majesty for having a birthday, and a special one at that. We got our usual long weekend in celebration – way down here in the Southern hemisphere. And it was a good ‘un. Queen’s Birthday Weekend was blue skies, crisp frosty mornings, no wind to speak of. I got out on my bike on Saturday, and joined my sister for a long ride over to Mt Eden where we shopped and went to a cafe. And the following two days I got out in the car and went south and north respectively, just enjoying countryside for a change. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed rattling around Scotland on my own in a car, and I felt the usual pang to get back there some day soon. Here are the weekend shots:



  1. Marij Boer · June 7, 2016

    I’m sorry for the tree as well. But one’s allergies clearing up has a distinct upside. Love Reading about all your shenanigans and thoughts. You are so dear to me. X

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    • jennyjeffries · June 7, 2016

      Aw – as are you, Marij. Soooo glad we met already! I will miss the tree. There can never be too many.


  2. bigdoh · June 7, 2016

    I hate to lose a tree, your philosophy was right on target,as usual! Lovely pics of you and your sister. You’re very lucky to have her. I’m very proud of you with changing your eating habits. It’s not easy. I need to do the same as my blood values are terrible, and I want to live a good long time! Love you to pieces, Jenny! Keep blogging! xx

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  3. jeanbohlender · June 7, 2016

    Your heart is lovely.

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