Long Easter Break at last!

We in New Zealand get a good long break at Easter – well, if you work for the University or Public Service – so from Thursday night through to Wednesday morning, I can do my own thing, and I’m rushing around doing just that. Fortunately the wild windy storm that has battered the country has moved on, and after a nice sleep in this morning, I woke to a clear day along with my hot cross buns and coffee.

I took these out to the front porch to consume, and watched as people walked by with their dogs or just briskly enjoying some exercise. SO MUCH for my intention to read the book that I had in front of me.

So I took it all back inside, and pulled on my walking sandals, took my iphone, and set off at a brisk rate toward the foreshore.

When I reached the wetlands I saw the bi-annual Sculpture Trail was open, and so I paid my money at the caravan, and set off around the moist paths of the trail, with a cool breeze and potential surprises around each corner. I was not disappointed.

It was a great way to reflect on what is always a reflective day for me – Good Friday. I had already stopped for a moment before I actually got out of bed, to consider the meaning behind the day, and feel a deep gratitude for the love that surrounds me. But on this walk it was a joy to see how others express their view of the world, in a setting that cannot be beaten.

I love the interplay of light and water on glass, crystal and resin, and a number of pieces showed that off well:

and after a stimulating wander in and out between the ponds and richly green foliage, I resumed my walk home. Revived.

I wish you all a reflective Good Friday, and a joyous Easter.


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  1. bigdoh · March 25, 2016

    And a joyous Easter to you my friend!xx


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