Whip-fast Weekends

Now that I’m working a temp job full-time, I’m beginning to have a profound appreciation for leisure time, and particularly weekends. It has been SO LONG since I’ve worked a steady 8 hour job for five days in a row, (plus the hour traveling time,) that I have forgotten how little of my own ‘stuff’ I get done when I’m doing this. Now, please remember, this is NOT a complaint. It seems to be the space I’m occupying right now.


Above: The campus at North Shore Campus, AUT University, where I am currently working. It’s not too bad. This is the path to the bus station.

A simple equation: to have money to live on, I need to work a mundane job for a while. Then I will be back to my lifestyle, which doesn’t earn much, but is much more fun.

My creative juices BURST with ideas most days and find outlet in many forms, most of which don’t bring a lot of money in. When I’m working my data-pushing around keyboard tapping admin job, the only satisfaction is knowing that hard-won savings aren’t being encroached on for food or rent. It’s a difficult balance. During this hiatus of ‘work’ I rise at 5.50 and am driving into a slow steady trail of rush-hour traffic for 30 mins to reach my job. After eight hours there, I join same traffic to return, and by the time I’ve had a walk, and dinner, I’m pretty much done. NOTHING creative happens except a slow descent into bed.

So I’m now looking forward to the end of the tunnel in three weeks – when I’m back in studio planning how to increase the workflow there, so that I can work for myself, and in something much more suited to my skills and personality.

The weekends are crammed with a dual goal: get everything I couldn’t get done during the week accomplished, and truly relax for the first time in five days. Fortunately for us, we have two days to do that in, and so Saturday is the busy one. (I actually almost reached my 10k steps goal yesterday) Today, when I look at my fitbit, I see I’ve walked just a little over 2,000 steps. SHOCK.

I sure would like to stumble upon a range of creative outlets that earn my keep –a combination of online products and maybe some ongoing writing, and graphic work. Tucked into my long-term goals is more travel – and possibly more travel journaling.


Above: Not sure a bad view from near my office on the first floor. That’s Rangitoto volcano in Auckland harbour in the distance.

Meanwhile, it’s Sunday night, and after a brief stint of TV watching (Night Manager!) I’ll be hitting the hay, ready for an early morning rise tomorrow. And so the wheels turn around. If you’ve been wondering where I am – this blog is the why.


  1. bigdoh · March 20, 2016

    It’s temporary at least. Think how exciting it will be to get to the end of the tunnel! xx

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  2. Carol P. · March 22, 2016

    You’re nearly there. Deep breaths!
    Oh…How is The Night Manager (as if it could be anything other than divine, lol) ? We don’t get it til mid April. Silly “brush with fame” : My (younger) hub rowed with Hugh Laurie at Cambridge! Different colleges tho. I don’t think they ever actually spoke. “Brushes with fame” is sort of a hobby. Love hearing people tell about theirs.
    Anyway, sorry to ramble. Hang in there and soon you can start living again!

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    • jennyjeffries · March 22, 2016

      I love the Night Manager – the series playing every Sunday night here. Very tense at times. Looking forward to the long Easter break coming up. Oh, my Uncle met C S Lewis once. Would have loved to do that


  3. Carol P. · March 23, 2016

    Hurray for brushes with fame! I’ve got a few good ones myself. It’s fun to do at parties.

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