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Today I finally got around to putting my ‘Peak Challenge’ up for all to see. It’ll keep me on track if I pin it to my corkboard, and hopefully be something I can actually achieve. Last year the Challenge helped me lose weight and get into great fitness for the trip over to Scotland, and then of course, I ate my way around the Highlands, mostly driving. Had a great time, of course, but now I face needing to get back to what I was then in terms of health. So far so good. The early morning walks in the week days are fairly easy to maintain because the summer here has been pretty good. The weather this weekend was meant to be rainy, but by lunchtime had cleared and was a gorgeous scorcher of a day, so I took my bike and headed off in support of item 5. on the list above.

Naturally, at the end of the cycleway there is a cafe, and naturally, I checked it out. All my lengthy cycle trips are made more thrilling by a stop over somewhere, but I am happy to say, this one did not involve a food item which was sugar/fat (See item 2 above).

The rest of the day has been spent reading, and helping my flatmate to paint his front porch railing. T’was a fiddly job involving painting between curlycues and spotting white dots on my pants and hands. Still, future photos from that porch will look much better.

Catch a glimpse of my cycle along the newly finished path beside the motorway here. You might catch the black-backed gulls from one of my earlier posts.

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  1. bigdoh · January 9, 2016

    I like your goals, Jenny! I need to sit down and decide what will work for me this year! xx

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