A trip to the country

A few months ago I had a significant birthday, hosted for me by some wonderful old friends of mine at their country home, south of the Bombay Hill, below Auckland. The two photos on the right are their home and the extensive rolling hills of their property. The photo on the left is me, yesterday, enjoying the warmer temperatures and feeding the hens. Two eggs were laid. Deep happy sigh.

It is so refreshing to get away from my little corner of the city, where so much noise and activity abounds, and stretch my legs and lungs out in the clear country air. I just love it. I have known my friend, B, since we met on the first day of teacher’s college at the age of 18, and we’ve been fast friends since. She and her husband are keen steam enthusiasts, and had a working steam traction engine for many years that he enjoyed tinkering with.

We talked and talked – B and I – on the usual meandering range of subjects. She recently had a knee replacement (a few weeks ago) and is walking around on it now. The afternoon evening was awash in light, with sparkling wine, cheese, crackers outside, a fine pork belly and vegetables, followed by a viewing for the first time (for them) of the fabulous little indie Australian movie ‘Red Dog’. Oh, I forgot to mention the delicious stewed plumcots that B made from the produce of her own tree. (A combination of a plum and an apricot – yum). I stowed into my bag upon leaving a home-made bottle of Kahlua, and another of Baileys.

I loved hearing NOTHING during the night, and seeing no light through my windows, until the first scruffling sounds of the chickens and a distant kettle going on. B and I headed to a cafe a wee distance away – yes, even in the country – and yacked our way through cake and coffee until close to lunchtime. Then I came home. SUCH a good time!

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